Do’s and Don’ts When Training Mixed Martial Arts

Training Mixed Martial ArtsTraining mixed martial arts or MMA as it is popularly called can be exciting and rewarding especially when faced with a situation that requires you to use of the martial arts skills learnt for the purpose of self defense. For persons that do not know what Mixed Martial Arts is all about, MMA is a combat sport that involves full contact of the parties involved. Unlike many other types of martial arts, MMA as the name suggests, allows the use of different fighting techniques and skills from the different forms of fighting like wrestling, boxing, and even traditional martial arts.

The grappling and striking techniques of fighting are allowed under the rules of MMA and they can be used while standing and when on the ground. It is therefore not uncommon to see fighters or martial artists from different backgrounds compete in an MMA tournament. The different techniques mentioned above and some other ones are used in fighting within the confines of an eight sided cage, with the winner emerging through knockout, decision from the judges, or submission of the opponent.

The different techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts make it compulsory for fighters to continuously get martial art trainings in order stay in top shape. Training MMA for self defense could be quite different from when you intend to become a professional MMA fighter and engage in cage fights. Speed, agility, strength and endurance are four things to be worked on especially by professional fighters.

It is worth noting that just as Rome was not built in a day; it takes patience, determination, and time for a person to become a professional MMA fighter. Virtually all fighters started from the basics of martial arts like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Jiu-Jitsu. Most fighters also love to add wrestling and boxing skills to their arsenal. It is therefore important for intending MMA fighters to join an MMA gym or club especially if they do not have these skills.
With every phenomenon comes the do’s and don’t’s especially for success-oriented persons, and below are the ones for MMA.

Drop your Ego

This is the first don’t of mixed martial arts training. Any previous knowledge or idea of the fighting techniues or training methods you mght have should be discarded at the door of the gym or club. This is important to enable you discover your real self as this is what MMA helps you to do. Having an open mind also allows you to easily learn the skills and techniques of MMA.

One of the biggest barriers that have been discovered to hinder the learning of MMA is the belief that you already know everything and it is even more worrisome that people with little or no knowledge of the arts seem to make up the majority of the “know it all” crew.

Follow a Program

This rule combines the do and dont of training mixed martial arts. The dont here is to avoid going to the gym just to spin your wheels or wander aimlessly around in circles. to become a professional Mixed Martial Arts figther, it is compulsory to have a serious conditioning and strength program and you should continuously look for ways of improving the different aspects of your training that need to be worked on.

Maximize your efficiency

This is a compulsory “do” in mixed martial arts training. the amount of trainings needed ito become a successful MMA artist leaves little room for laziness especially as you have to train in at least four different fighting techniques. You therefore need to look for ways of maximizing our efficiency especially as regards strength training.
It is always advised that you get a total body workout as you work on your strength to ensure that no part of the body is left out for you to have a different training workout that consumes some time.

Medicine Ball

The medicine ball has been described as one of teh most effcetive tools for developing MMA specific power. The ball particularly helps you build a strong core and at the same time developing your knockout power. You also get to develop your take down ability. This makes the Medicine Ball a do on the list of MMA trainings.

The Right Gear

This is compusory for every person that wants to train MMA. Just as not having the right gear is a big dont of MMA training, getting the right gear is a must. The importance of having the complete gear which will include the protective gear and the clothing cannot be overemphasized.